Pressure gauges

Square and rectangular pressure gauges

STIKO is able to manufacture pressure gauges in a glassfibre-reinforced black Noryl case. These cases can be of square or rectangular form and in the following dimensions:

Square cases
• 72×72 – class 1,6%
• 96×96 – class 1,0%
• 144×144 – class 1,0%
• 192×192

Rectangular cases
• 72×144 | 144×72
• 96×192 | 192×96

Different mounting types models are available.

These square and rectangular pressure gauges are available for low pressure ranges (as low as 0-25 mbar) as well as ranges up to 0-60 bar.
It is also possible to have most of them manufacturerd with contacts.

For more information please check our documentation or contact our team of internal sales engineers via our contact form.

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