Your partner of choice in temperature, pressure and calibration



Stiko has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing
state-of-the-art instruments in the area of
temperature, pressure and calibration.

Over 90% of our instruments are private-labelled.

STIKO offers quality products with a 2 year warranty.

Our Specialties

• private label instruments

• small-batch production runs

• specials based on customer specifications

• 2 year warranty

• short and reliable lead times (2-3 weeks standard, 24h if required)

• virtually any dial in any colour can be printed without affecting lead time


• oil and gas

• on and offshore

• chemical and petrochemical

• shipping

• pharmaceutical

• food and dairy

STIKO is known as a reliable partner with an extensive expertise, as a manufacturer of niche products with impeccable quality, and as a flexible and fast supplier.
A loyal and motivated team of 50 craftsmen and facilitators is one of the factors that ensure that our “made in Holland” instruments are sold in well over 50 countries around the globe.



“If you have urgent or customer-specific needs,
such as private label or overnight delivery anywhere in the world,
even for a single piece,
STIKO is your partner of choice.”


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"Where you find quality, you will find a craftsman"

- Robert Breault (opera singer and educator)
  • STIKO - your partner of choice in temperature, pressure and calibration