Calibration equipment

Comparison test pumps

Comparison test pumps are used for testing pressure instruments against a master test gauge or transducer.

Designed for bench mounting, STIKO test pumps are portable and rugged.

Most importantly they have been designed taking into account the safety of the operator.

Available models:
COP700: up to 700 bar (10.000 psi) – oil or water operated
COP1000WATER: up to 1000 bar (15.000 psi) – water operated
COP1400: up to 1400 bar (20.000 psi) – oil operated
COP2500: up to 2500 bar (40.000 psi) – oil operated
COP4000: up to 4000 bar (60.000 psi) – sebecate oil operated
COP7000: up to 7000 bar (100.000 psi) – sebecate oil operated

Oxygen-cleaned is optional.

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