STIKO instruments with contacts


Most STIKO instruments can be manufactured with a variety of different built-in contacts.
Magnetic and inductive contacts are available in single, double, triple or quadruple versions, in all possible NO/NC combinations.

Magnetic contacts
Magnetic contacts are auxiliary current switches which depending on the direction of movement- open or close electrical circuits at the set limit values by means of a contactarm which is moved by the actual value pointer.
Snap-action contacts essentially comprise:
• an adjustable red set pointer
• a supporting arm which is connected to the red set pointer and carries the contact pin and the adjustable magnet, and a contact arm moved by the actual value pointer carrying the second contact pin
• limit value switches to set the value at which the switching operation is to take place.

Inductive contacts
An inductive contact is a device which may be used in Zone 1 and 2 assuming they are being used in combination with an approved relay.
Inductive contacts are equipped with non touching proximity NAMUR switches. With an ex-prooved isolating amplifier they can be used in explosion proof areas.
Inductive contacts are suitable for ATEX / IECEx certified instruments, for use in hazardous and Ex areas.

Electronic contacts
Electronic limit value switches in pointer-type measuring instruments are equipped with electrical distance sensors(proximity sensors).
The output signal is governed by the presence or absence of a control vane moved by the actual value pointer in the magnetic field of the proximity sensor.
Electronic contacts essentially comprise an adjustable red set pointer; a supporting arm carrying the proximity sensor and connected with the red set pointer; and a control vane moved by the actual value pointer.

Microswitch contacts
A microswitch is a mechanical device which contains one or two contacts. A microswitch is modular, cheap to produce, dust- and contaminant resistant and the STIKO microswitch is accurate and reliable.
Because of the manufacturing tolerances the accuracy is guaranteed.
• can be installed in pressure- and temperature gauges
• available as single (SPDT) and double (DPDT) versions
• long life expectancy
• high switching accuracy, hardly no friction
• ambient temperature -40°C / +80°C
• very low friction force

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